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Trouble using FASTConv utility, it just flashes up, then disappears

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This is to clarify a very old thread from 2007 about using FASTConv (it showed up as the 2nd search result on google: link). I would have posted there but the thread is rather old.


To extract the contents of a F.A.S.T. (Files and Settings Transfer Wizard) archive, here's what you should do:


Download FASTConv utility: http://www.fastconv.org/files/FASTConv.zip


Make a folder somewhere, let's say the desktop and we'll name it "fastconv." Move the "USMT2.UNC" inside of this folder, and also extract the contents of the FASTConv.zip file into this folder. The contents of the folder (fastconv) should look like this:




Then open a command prompt window and browse to the location of your folder (the fastconv folder). Example:
  • Go to Start|Run
  • Type cmd and press Enter
  • Type cd desktop\fastconv and press Enter
If you just want to extract all the contents, here is a script that should work: "FASTconv /s:USMT2.UNC /d:des /t:tmp" (you can copy and paste this into the command prompt window)


With that script your contents will be placed in a folder called "des" after the script finishes (it will say when it is done, don't close the window before then). And remember that to paste into a command prompt window you cannot use "Ctrl-V" but you can Right-Click and choose "Paste."


For a full list of the available options go to this webpage: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/fast.htm

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