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got my amd 965 and 2 more 2x1tbs:)

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ya its a great cpu:)


mine is rock stable at [email protected] 1.46v and rock stable at [email protected] 1.55v but that's kinda high to run 24/7 so i leave it at 4ghzs for 24/7.


was hopeing to get a stable speed at 4.2ghzs to 4.3 but so far i cant could be the temps sense they do get up in the high 50s.


maybe later on when i go true water cooling:)

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im sure my 965 can do more but think theses 965s likes too be cold.


even tho my temps are pretty good my max load temp is around 52 53 @4.1ghzs with 1.47v. with the consair h50 and fans on low


but i herd for anything over 4ghzs 4.1ghzs you need to have temps in the 30s at load which is problee why yours lulufi got that high:)


i can easily boot in windows and do some stuff with 4.2ghzs but as soon as i bench or stress it temps will go up in the 50s even passing 50c it blue screens but if i get it under 50 like 48c it wont crash it.

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