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In this section, we solve problems running the tests or Autofixes at PC Pitstop. Post here only if you can't run the tests or Autofixes. For questions about your results, post your question in the "Your PC Pitstop Test Results" section. Looking for general help tweaking your system? Try "User To User help" or "Discuss your score".


Before posting, be sure to try the troubleshooting page. It identifies several common solutions to problems with testing. In particular, if you are unable to test your PC you should scan for and remove any spyware or viruses that are on your system. Spyware and viruses can prevent our software from being able to run. If you are unsure how to scan for these progams, see our Viruses and Spyware section of the forum.


If you have been able to test your system successfully, it really helps us to be able to see your results using a TechExpress link. Click here for instructions about TechExpress links.


Whenever you are having trouble testing, please provide the name of the page where the problem occurred (from the Address line in IE), the messages on the screen when the problem occurred, and the exact text of any error message.

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