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Internet Connection Problem


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Of course, it has to happen during finals week. :pullhair: I set my router to forward some ports so that a video game would work, and now my internet has slowed to near dial-up speeds. Everyone else in the house is just fine, and re-closing the ports had no effect on the problem. I also can't access the router controls from my PC anymore (routerlogin.net can't be found), I have to use another computer for that.


Here's my results from Speedtest.net:

Posted Image


No problems there, and my PC is fast as ever. And yet both IE and Firefox are crawling.


I've switched from Comodo's DNS to default settings, cleared the DNS cache. I've scanned for viruses and spyware, tried shutting down my firewall, and messed around with the router settings. Maybe it's something obvious that I've missed, but I'm about at wits end with this one.


Any help is very much appreciated!

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