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Windows 7 Clock Issue

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Some may have noticed a few issues with Windows 7's clock being set to unusual times when you turn your computer on. :cr@sh::h3lp: Windows XP and Vista had a utility to sync the system clock to one of the atomic clocks available online. Windows 7 is not a exception.


I have found the following setup for setting the clock to update every 5 min. If you need to set it for a different update interval, feel free.


I'm giving the answer fo Windows7 home premium.


Go to the Start button, and then to Control Panel and Administrative Tools.


After entering Administrative tools and going into task scheduler, there is a drop down list in the bottom pane.


Use the slider to the right to get to it. It should be the 3rd window down.Use the slider on that window and go


down to "synchronize time". Double click on the line for that, and it will open a three pane window. click once on


"Synchronize..." (that's all that will show of "Synchronize Time"). in the right pane, click "Properties". Click once


on that and it will open "SynchronizeTime Properties (Local Computer). Choose the "Triggers" tab . The default


is "Weekly - Every Sunday at 1:00 am". Highlight that and click the "edit" button at the bottom of that pane.


A new window titled "Edit Trigger" will open. Select the fill-in bubble "daily" in the "settings" section, and "repeat


task every:" in the "advanced settings" section. Select "5 min." from the drop down list, and click "OK" on the


panes that you can, and close the others. :tup: You're Golden then, or should be. I'd been trying to figure out how to


do that for awhile.

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