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How To Add "Security Tab" In Windows XP Home

Guest Adamsappleone

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If you follow the directions of the site you will get the file, however, it could be a little trick.


This is MY version of how to do this.


Go to ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/bussys/winnt/winnt-public/tools/scm/ *this URL is available from the kb posted by Adamsappleone.


Download the file SCESP4I.EXE, save it somewhere.


Once the download is completed, just double click it. This will open a box asking where you want to extract the files. Create a folder and extract the files to there. This will extract the files in the folder you target.


locate the file setup.inf (if the "hide extensions" are checked you will not see the ".inf", however, there is just one file Setup)


right click on the file, go to the "install".


This will install the app, at the end it will ask to restart your computer, so you are done.


If you need use it just once and you don't want go to all steps, there is a simple solution, load windows in the safe mode, enter in the administrator account, there you will have available the tab.


Thanks all.

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