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This is a nifty little 'specs' application! Free download ....




Speccy would be more useful if you could save or export the results to a text file or Worksheet so that you could compare with other systems in a database of some sort. Otherwise, there are many other programs that can do what speccy does quite nicely. Belarc advisor comes to mind.

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G'day Jacee have updated the TE link. Seems to be reasonably ok although I did cheat a bit by running PC Matic beforehand. It updated a driver but nothing else.

I probably used the wrong word when I said crash, it was actually a freeze. Had to use the restart button to fix. I suspected the app because this pc runs 24/7 and has not had a Crash, Blue Screen or Freeze in 6 months now.

Anyway have a great X-Mas and New Year, we're going to spend ours round the BBQ and in the pool.

(And in the recliner with the remote) :)

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Please note this is a beta version of Speccy and should only be used by advanced users on test machines. We recommend you wait for a final release version before downloading.


Speccy v1.00.108 Beta (12 Feb 2010)


It's better that people do not download this program.

I used this program, but my extarnel hd. didn't recognize with the program.

I did seen that in 2009 the problem was also there, but now in the new year, the same problem.

Freezing, crashing whatever, no, I had not that problem, I did removed that program because, I don't take enough with a program that not work correct.

As usually download I programs for testing, when I see, that is a fine program, than I take it, else delete.

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