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totally depends on your price limit and if you want to spend it on multi gpu's or a mega cpu folder with maybe a gpu.


now you know you need a lot of gpu's to beat an i7 920 folding the bigadv wu's at the moment, also multi gpu's use a lot more power than a single i7 920.


but who knows by spring next year..



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To be honest with you, its hard to give advice on how best to do this. In 5 months things can change a lot.


As of right now your best bet is going i7 920 like cb suggested, running -bigadv native in Linux. I have worked with -bigadv in Windows and it's just not working to any benefit I can see right now for a dedicated folder. My personal experience so far has been I have to down clock my oc too much to get a stable run with Virtualization turned on for the cpu, this cuts down on the folding speed which also cuts into your bonus points. Also as RAH said, the gpu folding cuts into the -bigadv folding speed. In Windows you would pretty much have to run 2 gpu's folding along with the -bigadv to equal or beat <---(two GTX 275's) a normal Linux install. I'm also a person that does not like running my parts on the hot side and 2 gpu's folding causes a lot of heat, plus the amount of power to run it would be much more.


If at the time you get ready to set this rig up and they are still giving the bonus to the -bigadv I would go with a different board then cb suggested. I would go for this one here (click me). The reason I would choose this board is if you every wanted to switch to gpu's folding, the board is setup much better to allow that. The other board puts the video cards right on top of each other which is a major heat issue in my eyes.


Bottom line: When the time comes and you have a budget to give, then we can go from there. Cool that your wifey gave the ok on this. :tup:

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My plan was to run at least a quad core and at least 2 GPU's. I guess I'll hafta revisit this thread in the spring.


Set up an I7 and forget about the gpu's for now..............look at what Terry and KRAM are putting out! GPU's are yesterday's news. :rofl2:

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Stanford is receiving your completed wu's there is just a problem with their servers reporting them correctly.......and here we go again " it's all about points! some of you guys just don't get it! nuff said!


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