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I am trying to run the new Pc Matic software but do not want to use the Panda anti-virus software.


The help information says to un-install it from my control panel add/remove programs.


However, it is not listed in my add/remove program list.


I am running Vista Home Premium 64 bit on a PC


Thanks for your help

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Joe, since it's a fully functional version of Overdrive and OD uses or did use Panda's sigs/tech, it's a reasonable deduction to say that PCM does as well. :)

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I would say..."ask the powers that be" because they will know for sure. ....


But, the last time I mentioned something about "asking the powers that be" I got a very eloquent (still rude) PM from the admins/mods stating some things are none of my business, and to butt out

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Well I'm about as far from a power that be as one can get, but I do know the answer to the question.


The free OverDrive scan uses PC Pitstop's own library to check for malware in the running propcesses.


The free stand alone virus removal scan was from Panda.


PC Pitstop Exterminate 1.0/2.0 uses the former Pest Patrol scan engine and definitions.


And the new all-in-one PC Matic uses the CA anti malware SDK.



To address Joe C's comment, all staff members should be more than happy to answer any and all questions about the forum, paid products, rules and policies, etc. I am sorry to hear that you received a rude response. That should never be the case.


Any questions about a member should rightly be deferred directly to that member. Admins and moderators should not be revealing any information, personal or otherwise, about any of our members. To do so can cost them their position as a PC Pitstop staff member. We are serious about our privacy policy.

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