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pcmatic active controls wont load

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I ran pcmatics once without a prob. Now when I try again, I get this screen:


Posted Image


When I proceed, the utility seems to hang in the beginning when its processing the defragmentation.

I'm running win7 64 bit on this puter.


How can I fix it?

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Please run the Active X control removal tool from the link below:




As you are using Windows 7, first save the file above to your desktop, right-click and extract the file, then right-click on the extracted file and select, "Run as administrator".


Once the removal tool completes, run PC Matic again and it should download new Active X controls.


Let us know if the issue is not resolved.

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Thanks for your reply.

It did not help though.


When I started pcmatic after using the removal tool, it asked to reinstall some components again.

But when scanning, I got the same error window as above.


Scanning of junk seems to go ok. The app hangs at the fragmentation scan.

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I retryed the removal tool.


I rebooted after removing using this tool


I clicked pcmatic


this is what I came up:


*install PcPitstop ActiveX V2

*Pcpitstop Antivirus.dll


after these 2, the error of my first post showed up...


I willopen a ticket though


Thanks for the help

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Hey intelguy,


I appreciate your help! :)


I installed orbit but still no go


I ran the Active X control removal tool as admin


uninstalled pcmatic with revo uninstaller


dl. pcmatic with orbit

When installing, pcmatic only dl. 2 active X components and then the error of my first post reappears...


I opened a ticket. I have send the logs to pcpitstop... Hope they can help me


Btw. on my xpputer it works very well, its on the win7 it has problems...


EDIT: I have winpatrol on my win7 rig, and I dont have that on my xp rig... could winpatrol block something or so???

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WinPatrol has been known to blacklist the DiskMD3Ctrl.dll. It is very rare, but it has happened.


Take a look through the WinPatrol configuration and make sure it is not blocking the Active X control.

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