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These constantly change on a month to month basis, if you track a/v reviews you will see that after a while, they all rise and fall from the top, there is always a few that stay near the top of the chart, so any one of those will be o.k. I believe that it is mostly personal preferences that help you decide on the best for you. I wouldn't want an a/v to use so many resources that it slows my pc as if it had a virus (what good does that do?) and you do not want an a/v that is not effective either. Finding a balance is your best option, Lots of folks here have their opinions about what's good and all of the recommended a/v's I have seen here will work fine for you

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For a free antivirus, I like Avast! 4.0 Home or Avira's Anti-Vir. I do own a Premium version of Avira Anti-Vir and really like it. I also own 2 licenses of ESET Smart Security 4.0 which is basically the same as NOD32.....




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