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Defragmentation has changed after PC Matic installation

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Hello again


Ever since I have installed the PC Matic I have questioned the Defrag section of the program it just was not working like the old full Defrag 30day free use.


The defrag only lasted about one minute if that some times compared to well over the hour previously.


I was having a few problems with PC Matic and the best solution was to uninstall then reinstall it "IntelGuy" gave me the links and I have had no problems with the program


When it came to the Defrag section it was still running a very short time.

Last night I ran PC Matic after doing a few bits and pieces updates etc.

It did the Phrase 1

then Phrase 2.


As recommended I rerun the program.

Phrase 1

Then all of a sudden it went to Phrase 3 ( I have never seen this before)

It started to look like the old Defrag system a percentage point by percentage point.

About 90 minutes later (close to midnight by now)


I have no idea what has happened or how it happened all I know it is working as it should for the first time.


I am still in the low bracket bot 25% I was even lower than that at first.


It keeps telling me that the System Restore is too big 34,342 MB


IntelGuy in another posting has given me some info hoping to bring that down, and I hope that helps and brings my score up.


Keith :adios:

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...I have a 300Gb hard drive what MB and or percentage should I set the sliding scale to?

Am I correct in thinking that if the sliding scale is set to the correct /best percentage eg 2% once it goes beyond that the old restored bits just drop off to keep the scale at 2%.

I would go with 2% or 1%.


And yes, once the alloted space is filled, the old restore points are "pushed out" to make room for new ones.


Thanks for the update.


Keep us posted!

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