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2 Problems Skipping Melaware and Error message at FIX It

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Sorry if this is so lengthy but I hope I have included all the necessary information you require

I am running MS XP with all updates as of 17 Oct 09


Starting the Pc Matic is no problem at all


During the running it stops and gives me this message.

Skipping Melaware Scan

Path missing from registry reinstalling the APP might fix this


When it finishes all the tests.

I go to FIX IT

Then this message comes up.

Error Signature

APP name PC Matic EXE


Modname PC Pitstopantivirus.dll

Modver OFF SET 0000288c

Sorry I have eye problems it could also be oooo288c


Just to do a double check

My Computer security system and Melwarebytes Antimalware did not detect any problems at all

I rerun PC Matic and the same thing happpened



How do I fix this problem/s please?



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Hello IntelGuy


I had an idea it would be you answering my question


My question now is do I go to Add & Remove first or do I just download it.


At the moment I have downloaded it to my Desk top.


Thanking you


Keith :adios::adios:

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Hello IntelGuy


I thought that was the case but just checking.


I reinstalled it and it is working perfectly now thank you, then I did a second test again no problems.


One more question how are updates done?


Keith :adios::adios:

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Hi Keith,


Updates to the definitions are done automatically, whenever there is a newer definition available, by simply running the program.


As Exterminate 2.0 is web-based, any updates to the program itself are done server-side. Whenever you open Exterminate 2.0 it will always launch the latest version available.

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Hello IntelGuy


It is working OK now I am still in the lower end of the scale.

The concern I think is with System Restore being too big.

I get the message to reduce it to one month of storage.


I asked that question at the Computer club today and I was told that cannot be done it has to be done by a percentage of your HD I have a 300Gb HD

I am using XP home.

Have you any ideas how I can do that please.


Thanking you again

Keith :adios::adios:

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Hello IntelGuy


Thank you again, I have just printed that out

You must be getting tired of me by now, and I would not blame you.

Not the best at maths these days I have a 300Gb hard drive what MB and or percentage should I set the sliding scale to?

Am I correct in thinking that if the sliding scale is set to the correct /best percentage eg 2% once it goes beyond that the old restored bits just drop off to keep the scale at 2%.


I have noticed a few changes since I have down loaded PC Matic after the problems I was having.


To keep things seperate I will open a new topic "Defragmentation has changed after PC Matic reinstallation "


Keith :adios::adios:

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Hello IntelGuy


I moved the slider to 1% which equaled 3614MB


I ran PC Matic and I have moved from the bottom 23% to the Bottom 25%

The defrag seems to be working fully now too

I also run Adobe and I think this keeping the score down low.


When I switch to MS 7 and the latest IE. I cannot at the moment my Security program does not accept either of these

I will be upgrading to another Security company and a few bits and pieces of hardware.


Thank you for all your help in these matters it was appreciated.


Keith :adios::adios:

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