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Thanks first to CB, he supplied the mobo and proc for this foldin rig. Next, thank you KRAM for the PSU, RAM and Proc cooler for this rig. And last but not least, thank you Michael B for the GPU to fold w/.


This group of men are the finest, top notch fellas I've never met. They offered these parts to me so that I could help contribute the WU's for research and points to the team.


All total, I have a 9600GT, a 9800GT and an E6700 all foldin.


Thanks again fellas! :tup:




BTW, since this rig is majority yalls, if yall want the ability to monitor it remotely, let me know and I'll give each of you the email and password associated w/ it on logmein.com so you can check on it at your leisure.

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Ohh man, it's a Caddy compared to what I'm used to and it's eaten up w/ hardware. All teh fan headers, both PCIe slots, one PCI, 2gigs ram, a single 500gig SATA drive and an IDE DVD Burner.


It hasn't batted an eye and the OC utility is GRAVY. :tup:

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You're welcome buddy. Hope all the parts keep working for ya. :tup:




I'm tryin to make sure of it via 2x 80mm and 2x120mm fans one intake and exhaust each. Oh, BTW, I got those fans I PM'ed you about earlier and they dropped the temps quite well.













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