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PCPitstop scheduling


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I was on this site a few months ago to get help with a virus issue. The original issue was resolved, but a new one popped up which was never resolved. I stopped messing with it after a while and just came back to it recently based on a recommendation.


The problem is that every hour something turns off my firewall for a few seconds. After being advised to take a look at my 'Event Viewer' I discovered that it was something called 'PCPitstop Scheduling'. What is it and how do I turn it off?





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Optimize 3.0, Driver Alert 2.0, Exterminate 2.0, DiskMD 3.0, and PC Matic can all be scheduled to run remotely, which is done by keeping teh schedulling records on our server. If a product with the PCPitstop Scheduler is installed, it will check the server once every hour to see if it has a new task to perform.


If you have Optimize 3.0 installed, you can open the program and go to Options>Scheduler and turn off the Scheduling Service from there.


Otherwise you will need to go to Start>Control Panel>Administrativer Tools>Services and disable it from there.

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