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WOW chat channels problems maybe


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ok i just went on my wow account just to check on stuff and everything is quiet...


so i went to the chat channels and they blanked out ony ones working is general chat and local defence and guild and party


others like trade and stuff aint working but when i went in a town like stormwind it was working.


so is that how it suppose to be? or should all the chats be available always even out of town?



right now im at stranglehorn vale nesingwarys expendition and ony chat channels work is general chat and local defense and guild.


trade and looking for group is blank out and cant be turn on..



its been a good couple months sense i played just log on and check stuff and quit and been on other mmos so might of got confused or something lol

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That seems about right. Trade does not work unless you are in a major city. Although LFG should still work no matter where you are. Are you running any interface mods that used to allow you to see all chat? If so a recent update could have broken the mod or it may just need to be enabled by selecting the "load out of date addons" option.

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cairne here... it's gotten bad since every raiding guild left around lich king. we're starting to come back up in our own though finally.


actually able to get like half way into uld10, uld25 is still a damn mess on this server. and toc10,,,, well,,,, ya

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