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Best File Copy Program: TeraCopy


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I've been using this for months now and give it :tup: :tup:!


Here's what Maximum PC mag says (and I totally agree):

"TeraCopy is a utility that greatly improves file copying between drives and computers. No more of Vista's 'Maybe it'll be done in five hours' nonsense; just drag files to TeraCopy, select you source, and TeraCopy gets it done. You can even pause and resume transfers. TeraCopy can even totally replace the Explorer file-moving dialog (which I recommend--it will ask you in setup if you want it to be the default--then you don't even have to drag and drop)."


Website: http://www.codesector.com/teracopy.php


I work with a lot of large music files, and this program is fast and brilliant. There is also a pro model, I guess, but I've never been bothered with a popup or such to upgrade.


Want to see speed? Use it to copy something to an external eSATA drive. Wowser! :)

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