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Quite odd


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A scan with DA2 showed there were 2 drivers that needed to be replaced. Both (?) were drivers for Motorola SM56.

- Why should I have 2 of exactly the same drivers (11/22/2000) ???

- I let DA2 do its job automatically and one driver was replaced by a newer version but the other just keeps coming back. Every scan tells me I need to replace that driver and time and again I've let DA2 do its job. The update is always succesful.......but the closing scan...shows the old driver again.

Am I missing something?

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We are currently working on a new installer package for Driver Alert which should resolve the issue you are seeing.


For now, below the Recommended Drivers, in Driver Details if you scroll down you can click the 'box' icon on the right side to download the modem driver.


I would suggest using the 'Save' option to first put the driver on the desktop, then unzip the file and run the .exe to install the driver.

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