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Playing with the new build


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Just got all the parts yesterday and put everything together last night. Started having some fun this morning... :) Here is my initial test.....not bad for a first try.... :lol:




Something is wrong with my HD though. I'm only getting about 150 when the two SSD's on RAID 0 should be in the 300-400 range. Researching that now.


Will have some better scores later today and tomorrow as I get used to the settings.... :mrgreen:

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Very nice :tup:


Make sure you have updated the driver for your raid controller, don't use default Windows drivers. Open device manager and then go to the properties of your ssd, select policies tab at top and check mark enable write caching an advanced performance.


Posted Image

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That's interesting...you are ahead on the CPU score. I would have thought they would be about the same. Your memory is higher but that makes sense as you are running triple channel while I'm running dual channel.


I'll give the 200x20 a try. I will be trying to find out the max I can run on a daily basis while keeping the temps inline. That's the first goal. Once I get a good idea where I need to be at...I will do some stress testing to verify. The second goal is to work on some benchmarking to see how high I can take this CPU. Should be fun... :mrgreen:


Still working on the RAID performance issue. So far...no good. The board has another SATA RAID option. I would have to move to other SATA ports. Not sure yet.... :cr@sh:



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