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5 Useful Sites and Services!

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Here are 5 useful sites and services!


The first one is Fonolo.

Fonolo lets you skip all of the menus when calling large companies. This speeds up your call, and hopefully avoids some hold time due to their menu leading you to the wrong department.


The second is hidetext,

which allows you to hide any text inside of a generated image and gives you a link to the image. This is perfect for sharing your email address online without having to worry about bots picking it up. It is still possible for bots to read it, but a lot less likely.

(Caution should be used with this site as it it's service may be frowned upon in some circles)


The third is IM-History,

a new service currently in beta that backs up all of your chat logs. It works with many of the most popular IM clients including AIM, Pidgin, Miranda, Trillian, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, and QIP. After you install the plug-in, it automatically backs up your chat logs in real-time. You can still delete the logs, or keep certain users from being logged if you’re worried about privacy.


The fourth is MyFreeCopyright,

which helps you gather information to help protect you original creations in 3 easy steps.


Last but not least and as a companion to the above, Copyscape,

which analyzes your Web site and then searches the Web to see if anyone has stolen your content.


Thanks to Gnomie Joseph DeFazio for finding these. :)

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