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my friends computer is getting more fps in WoW then i am


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this is bugging my rly bad my friend has a 4650 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814127417 with a Pentium D cpu has a little compaq computer with 2 gigs of ram..... well he is getting about 40FPS ok well my system specs are in my sig and im getting about the same and maybe lower in WoW.... we have all settings pushed up besides shadows which are half way and we compared are computers and my was sometimes lower fps then is...... what would be the problem here =/

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he is running windows Vista home prem 32bit he has a 19inch screen and i have a 30inch screen and my temps are fine (my g card is at 47F while gaming)


well i believe the resolution is whats making his out perform yours. but in all reality its not try your rig on his monitor and see

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my res that i am playing at is 1980X1200 he is running at 1440 x 900 i also noticed that when im in the older parts of WoW my FPS hits about 110 but when im in Outland and northend that is when my crap gets cuts in half and performs like his

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Hmm...I dont know where to start.


What driver version are you using?

What are your setting in CCC?What are there setting in CCC?


Are you using FRAPs to view your FPS in games?

Are you using the latest version?



Its really hard to narrow this down because of all the different setting.


need more info....

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CCC is version 9.9


my settings in CCC are


Anti Aliasing- Use applaction settings


Anisotropic filtering - Use application Settings


Catalyst A.I.- Standard


Mipmap detail level - High quality


Wait for vertical refresh - Off unless application specifies


Adaptive anti aliasing- Off


Triple buffering- off


no im not using fraps im using the ingame FPS meter

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Im stumped as well, my bro has his PC (C2D E6750 @ 3.3, 8800GTX, 2gb of RAM) getting 90FPS at 1440 x 900 fully maxed out.


I notice there is a very stupid setting in there, it has to do with the screen. Man i wish i remember what it was, it cut his frames, to like 30fps and I coultn figure why till I changed it. It had to do something with the Res, Multi sampling and refresh rate not matching up.


Make sure v sync is off to lol

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