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Guest whitemouse75

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Generally, when you're having trouble installing win98, you should try it with the minimum hardware required. I would suggest this:

1. shutdown and remove all PCI cards.

2. if you have onboard video, remove the AGP or PCI vid. card and enable your onboard vid.

3. use only 1 hard drive, 1 cd-rom drive, 1 floppy disk drive

4. reinstall win98 with this min. hardware config.

5. install all motherboard drivers (chipset, AGP, audio, etc. if applicable)

6. install your NIC, modem, sound, etc....cards 1 at a time being sure to have their drivers ready on floppy or cd for windows to access the first time it detects each card.


If you can install and get win98 to run with min. hardware, that will help isolate what is causing the problem.

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Guest ifixmy2

Hey guys, I couldn't log in yesterday, but finally.


Why I just pulled some gray hairs doing the fdisk & format?

Not sure about win98SE,but win98 boot disk only includes (fdisk) .

(format) command is copied to ramdrive or the temporary d: drive.

I always use the (dir/p) command to see what is on disks before trying dos commands.

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