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New Monitor needed


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This is my current LCD Monitor.

Westinghouse LCM-22w2 Black-Silver 22" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor

It started craping out on my JUST after the Warranty expired. Go figure.


I am looking at Acers now

1st what is a better video card to monitor connection? HDMI or DVI?

2nd how important is Contrast Ratio?


These are the Monitors I am looking at.


Acer X223Wbd Black 22" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor


Acer H213H bmid Black 21.5" 5ms HDMI Full HD 1080P Widescreen 16:9 LCD Monitor <--- I am leaning more toward this one.


Acer H233Hbmid Black 23" 5ms HDMI Full HD 1080P Widescreen LCD Monitor



I want a monitor that is 22" and Widescreen with a GOOD rating and Warranty.

I am open to ideas.

Thanks in advance. You guys have been a big help in the past.

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you got nice choices but this one here is the one i been looking at



lots of good reviews, have not read one on there saying dead pixels so thats always good

1920x1080 is excellent and it has HDMI input

24" widescreen, would look great with your vid card in your sig :tup:


little more money then your picks but only thing im not sure about is the warranty

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They're both the same. Only real difference between the two not counting the connectors, is the HDMI can carry audio.



Beat me to it.


Be carefull though, a lot of graphics cards will automatically switch to controlling the audio if HDMI is connected.

Not a major issue once you've spent 3 hours checking device manager, drivers, google and just about everything else, apart from your bl**dy sound card and changed the settings for audio back!!


Learn from my experience :)

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