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Migrating to Windows 7 from Windows XP

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Have been running the RC on 3 puters since it's release. Have given the RC to 6 friends all over the U.S. 1 of them works for and writes code for Apple.

He say's it's the best OS Microsoft ever made,I have to agree.

BTW; I'm running the 64bit version on my old AMD X2 4800 with just 2gig of ram,a 8800GTS and it rocks. DX11 really works nice for gaming, improves it actually, if your video card supports it.

Best place for the real lowdown on everything Windows 7 is Paul Thurrott's sight;


Instructions for "Clean Install of 7 " http://www.winsupersite.com/win7/clean_ins...grade_media.asp



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I'll stay with XP. It has no problems to speak of and is secure.

Xp has now not problem anymore, but I know a period Rickk1, that Xp were not good, lot of people found Xp in an earlier period a bad o.s., now the people just like Xp very well.

You're told that you were a Beta tester from Maikie, than you must know that all things what is new has children's disease.

I am not a Beta tester but I do know that about couple years, Windows7 is a fine program.

You will see that I am get right.

Why do I know? Microsoft has learned of his faults.



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