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MASS convert .MOD camcorder files?


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The video files from my sister's JVC HDD camcorder uploads fine to the computer. This was from 2 months vacation and it has hundreds of short clips in it's own individual folders. I think 10-20 short clips per day over a 2month period.


I have trouble playing them on all the computers except for the new one.


Is it possible to MASS convert the .mod files to somehting more common? I mean, changing each file extention one by one by hand is insane.


Also, when converting, what would be the BEST format? Quality wise, AVI? I do not think we would borther editing them, just play them. But would like the ability to edit though.

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the question is really whether or not you wish to author a dvd later in the future and what you intend to do with these files prior ?


for example: you need the videos transfered over the web or cell phone, youtube ?


for best quality depending on the limitations within the transcoding app, i think it's the custom settings for your preferences !


you can choose mpeg 4 or avi but you can adjust the quality and size in most apps.


you can most certainly mass convert depending on the hardware specs of your computer !


what apps are you using or have ?

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