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Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer


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I tried to search for this concern but haven't found a solution yet. I am trying to upgrade my hard drive on my xbox 360 from a 20gb to a 120gb drive. I have the Xport 360 software that allows you to copy files to your PC and create drive images. I also have the special USB transfer cable. I DO NOT have the official Microsoft software to transfer files directly from one drive to another through the xbox 360.


According to the Xport 360 manual it IS possible to transfer all files, including games/demos/videos etc from one drive to another, however it does not explain how to do this. Apparently the drive uses some type of security device that prevents content from being accessed if it was not downloaded on that drive originally. Supposedly there is a way around this, but I have not been able to find out how. Also, the upgraded drive is going to be used on the same console, so any licenses that are tied to the console should still function normally. If there is another/better way to do the transfer other than by using Xport 360, please let me know. The drive did come with software called "xplorer 360" however the directions are in badly translated chinese and it merely says to copy the files.


Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks.

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have you just tried to make a disc image of the 20gb drive from the 360 and copy it to the 120 drive then expand the partition to use all the drive??





I have not tried that, but according to the manual that came with the software, it strongly encourages you not to do so, saying that it will override the drives security code making it impossible to access the data. Also, it would then be impossible to bring the drive back to original settings without an image. I do not have a full image for the 120gb but I do have a partial image. Seeing as the instructions said not to do that, I figured it wouldnt be a good idea.

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