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how to keep my music on my iphone


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hey guys well i just did my yearly reformat of my computer and i pluged my iphone in to put some new music to it and it wont let me it asked me to reformat my iphone in order to do this.... but i dont want to because i have tons of music that i dont have anymore that is on my iphone..... how do i get the music off my iphone to my computer so i can just reformat it and throw it back on is there a way to do this? i rly dont want to go and find all my music agian...

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bear try using a live cd to copy the music files to your hard drive first.


i think it's because of the drm code itunes links to the ipod/phone(or whatever the things is called) that means you have to do that every time you connect it to a new pc or even a different user account on the same pc.


been a long long time since i used one tho so might be mistaken and there's a setting in itunes that will sync it without losing your data.


but at least with a live cd you know you won't lose the data first before going back to windows and itunes.



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This is the very reason I hate iTunes, it ties the hardware to that system, and further it ties it to the installed system first used, so a reinstall means it becomes a new device, I have heard that saving some of the iTunes files before reinstalling and adding them back after avoids this, but I am unsure of the exact file(s), but my guess is it's the 6 or so files in the iTunes folder.


To get the music off the iPhone you need a 3rd party application, but as a thought have a quick check if iTunes will allow you to import tunes from your device, I don't know if it will, but can't hurt to try.

MediaMonkey is what I use for uploading tunes, it does not tie the device to the system, so try and remove the music using that, but on my wifes iPod touch it recently had the new software upgrade, and since that MediaMonkey can't do this, hopefully they will update soon, otherwise search for an iTunes alternate program, there are a few people suggest, unfortunately I don't know the names, but hopefully this will get you what you need.

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