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Tidy up your Firefox Bookmark Toolbar


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Hi all,


Today I went to add a new bookmark to my bookmark toolbar in Firefox, but annoyingly (for me anyway) I had too many bookmarks already stored there. It automatically added a little '>>' which I could click and my bookmark is there.


Now, I don't know about you, but sometimes I forget certain bookmarks exist. I decided to be a little more tidy and organise my bookmarks into folders, on the toolbar.


To do this I first of all clicked the 'Bookmarks' button next to 'Tools' and then clicked 'Organise Bookmarks'. From this I double clicked 'Bookmarks Toolbar' and began creating new folders by right clicking and then selecting 'New Folder'. From here you can drag and drop your existing bookmarks in to your new folders.


I now have an organised bookmarks toolbar, with specific folders for specific sites;


Posted Image


So if you like being organised, I hope you'll find this tip useful. :mrgreen:

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No problem! Most of my tips seem to center around organising stuff - didn't realise I had such an issue with being un tidy. :lol:


Next time you add a bookmark put it in the correct folder and you will never get the problem again.


Another good thing in organize bookmarks is the backup option. Backup to a flash drive or external drive.

You never Know.



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