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Micro ATX without onboard video?

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Why don't you want it to have onboard video?


Generally the onboard video boards are crap in my opinion. They tend to have a high fail rate from my experience and most of them run slow and don't do dual channel memory. Also as terry said I have a PCI-e vid card I would like to use for the build.
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i would look at what chipset the board is running, and don't worry if it's carrying onboard video.


as tot he fail rate, i have 3 computers i work on still that are using onboard video boards and they've been running for probably about 4-5 years now....

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I have 3 micro atx boards with onboard vid sitting here right now and all have issues. 2 of them blue screen all the time no matter what mem, cpu, psu or if I use a dedicated video card the other has dead sata ports. Also have another that is completely dead. Never had issues like this with boards that don't have onboard graphics.


I have two systems sitting here that are micro atx cases (one is the blue screener the other is the dead board) that I would like to fix and sale. Just looking to keep the failure rate low and performance on the better side plus not spend too much on the board.

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