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1 laptop 1 pc 1 lan internet connection

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hey all,


oke bare with me this probably isn't one question that is asked dayly...


so i've got one laptop . one desktop pc (with wifi card and lan card) and a 'wired' lan connection from my pc to my router ( the router doesn't have wifi and only 1 lan port)...

now my question:

is could i connect the laptop

to my pc trough wifi

and allow the pc to redirect the requests to the router

so that the laptop and pc can connect to the internet?


probably the picture will help explain what i mean a lot easier :)


Posted Image


thanks in advance...

if anyone could bring me just a step closer to finding the answer would be loyal :D

diby- Amir :)

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You can use ICS. However it's much easier to use a wireless router, then router handles WAN connection and Lan addresses. Also, your desktop does not have to be on for laptop to connect to the WAN(web); desktop would have to be on to share printer which would be via router.

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