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My results and a small problem.


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My Results


Hello everyone, this is my new computer. It is ranked in the top 35%. I actually have the Processor overclocked to 3.0Ghz, and was done through AMD Overdrive. It's not showing up though, and it does show in CPUZ. The graphics cards are in Crossfire as well.


Posted Image


Here is my problem. I was having a little trouble with this computer, so I had a friend reinstall everything because I was getting annoyed with it. I have three hard drives, set as c, d, and e. For some reason, he put Windows on my 1Tb hard drive, which I wanted, but designated it D:/ instead of C:/. Now, one of my old hard drives is getting tested for disk speed in the full test. The big one is twice the speed and much better, but the old one pulls my score down.


With that being said, I have two questions for you. How much do you think this pulls my score down? The second question; is there any way to have the full test notice the fast drive instead of old crappy?


Thank you for your help.


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