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40inch 720P VS 30inch 1080P

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well i was looking at this big screen Tv which was a 40inch 720p Vizio LCD tv for 600$ well right now i have a 30inch 1080P screen (which is my computer screen) and i use it for my xbox 360 well if i was to buy that 40inch vizio for my xbox would i get a better pic on the 40inch becuase its bigger but only in 720P or should i just stick with my 30 inch which ill be playing in 1080P

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stick with what ya got.


if you go 40" or above make sure its 1080p


i have 2 1080p sets, 60" Sony Grand Wega LCD 60Hz, and also a 42" LG 120Hz


if you look into a new tv for 1080p i recommend 40" or above and if you can i recommend a 120Hz set...its amazing :tup:

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I would agree to stay with what you have. I have the 42" Vizio, which is awlsome, with movies(with equip)

and games (flying in BF2 is WOW). But unless all the other hardware it up to it, it a waste.


I didnt get to play with it long before I got sick again, but its a good experience.


If you have the equip to run it, go for it. Otherwise wait.



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well im never gonna use to to watch TV and i watch movies on my Computer screen so it would be better then to just stick with my 30inch 1080P screen then a 720 screen.....i also heard computer screens are better to play games on then Tvs like if i was to have a Tv that was 30inch 1080p and my computer screen which is 30inch 1080p its better to use the computer screen.... i found it on a website saying that

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anymore it really shouldn't matter.... most any screen you buy will be fast enough to not ghost.....


um, tv screen vs pc screen once you get into the HD resolutions, i'm pretty sure the only difference would be the input, if there is a tv/cable tuner, and what the actual native resolution is. some are 16/9, some are 16/10. my pc is the later.


for the pc, stick with what you got, if you have the graphics card to handle gaming in that resolution.


if for just tv viewing, i would personally pick the 720 40''. it's right at that middle size where you don't HAVE to have 1080 to see the difference, but that's dependant on distance from the screen.

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