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from that review seems that Evercool sucks unless you use the Evercool Cruise Missle paste.


only 2 thermal pastes i have used rank A- and A+


Arctic Silver 5 works great but its conductive, but then again if you pay attention when applying you will be fine. also a 200 cure time is needed Ranked A+


Arctic Cooling MX-2 is what im using at this moment, great thermal paste, non conductive, no cure time Ranked A-


next i think ill try the diamond paste, more expensive but some of the best stuff you can get

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There are many types of thermal paste out there. Some are terrible and others are excellent at what they do, it all matters what you prefer and how much your willing to spend. Rather than double posting asking several questions all at once just pick something and try it out. If you really want the best HardOCP recommends the Shin Etsu X-23. If you want some of the well known stuff go with Arctic Silver 5 or Arctic Ceramique. A.S.5. is conductive but Cermique isn't. If your constantly changing stuff then go with the Thermalright Chillfactor. Moving on, all the questions you ask are answered if you do some research. I hope this information helps you out.


HardOCP Thermal Paste Shootout


The Bottom Line


When determining what thermal paste affords you the best value, there are many factors that can influence your buying decision. How often do you change your thermal paste? Do you require the best performance? Are you air cooling or cooling with extreme methods?


If you change your paste often due to new components or paranoia then the Thermalright Chillfactor is the paste for you. At its current price and performance it affords you dozens of applications while performing better than half of its competitors.


If you’re looking for the best performance, price be damned, then look no further than the Shin-Etsu X-23 7783D. As long as you don’t reapply your thermal paste every three months this paste is the way to go. And honestly, you are more likely to get hosed on shipping when buying paste than anything else, so make sure and pick it up when you order something "big" and then you are likely to not care too much about the price. So don't screw up and have to order thermal paste by itself; it is an add-on item.


While thermal interface materials used to be a "big deal" and varied greatly in performance, over the years the overall quality of retail thermal pastes has simply gotten to be a very competitive market in terms of performance. If you do a LOT of applications or are building retail boxes, make sure you give the MG a look. We do however suggest you stay away from cheese if you are overclocking. ;)


Also, we wanted to share our data with the community. You can grab the Excel file from here in a zip. Feel free to use this data for your own graphs or articles, all we ask in return is that you give us a link in your article and please send it to us. We always like to see how others represent the data and what can be mined from it. Thanks!

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you should look into ocz freeze paste.


thats what im useing right now and for me its seems to be better than artic silver or any other paste i used.


and its easy to spread on and take off and non conductive.



on my system its like 3 to 5c cooler than the artic sliver and the artic sliver was in a cooler room temp than the ocz:)


but maybe its because my artic sliver tube is couple years old.


but im still gona use this paste for now on also theres good reviews of it.


and i dont have to worry about it killing my hardware:)


but in the future i might try that diamond paste herd really good things about that stuff:)

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