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is my memory showing right?

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ok while i was looking in task manager i saw that i have 2242 free and 961 cached and it says 4086 total and i was wondering why the cached and free doesint add up to the total ram??


its also useing 1.29gb of ram right now but if you add that up with thoes two it would be over 4gbs.


in everest it shows right free is 2702 used 1382 and that adds up to 4086.



so is that just how vista managements memory?



does anyone else taskmanager doesint add up to the total 4086?



i also check my laptop asus g50vt-x5 with 4gb of ram and vista 64bit and the cached and free also doesint add up to the total amount of ram.



i just want to make sure i dont have bad memory sticks or something lol

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i missed that extra 10mb its 1450 and 2635 total 4085 and sometimes its 4086 lol.


but is the task mananger showing right? i know everesrt is showing it right.


i just want to know is anyone else free and cache adds up to the total 4gb.

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ya mine does to for the total desktop is 4086mb and my laptop is 4094mb lol



but what i mean is the cached and free under the total does yours add up to the total?


like im on my laptop now and it says 4094 total


than the cached says 1322 and than the free says 1422 the total that came to is 2744mb.

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