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I am gonna attempt to do a repair install on XP MCEbut here's the issue.

I'm dual booting XP and Win7 on two separate HDD's and I don't know which contains the boot loader. I'm gonna image both to my external, for obvious reasons, but what I want to know Is, do I need to unhook the 7 HDD before attempting this and if it works will I still be able to dual boot afterward? ATM, when I boot the puter, I get the screen w/ the choice of which OS I want to use w/ & being the default option.




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If the repair install over writes the master boot record, you will loose the option to dual boot, there's a way to edit the mbr in order to get it back but I'll have to look




Not sure but if W7 has the same boot file as vista (I think it does?) Maybe you can find out and tell us!

Since that tutorial was written, EasyBCD has been updated and can now restore the Vista bootloader from within the application. Also, it can be installed on Windows XP, so this means that there's no need for any more reboots or playing with recovery DVDs.


Once the XP system is up and running, download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, and then download and install EasyBCD (version 1.7.2 at the time of writing).


Launch the application. EasyBCD isn't looking at the XP bootloader - it has found the bootloader on the Vista partition, so this is what you're directly editing.


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