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I was looking at my temps and came across my gpu settings..It is saying it is supposed to be

Default Core 870

And Memory 1050


If you look in the pic.. First the defaults are wrong plus it says my gpu clock is only 240mgz???


Again did I get a shady card?? I usually use cpuid HM but today I went through CC and seen this..


And after looking at neweggs page for it.. It is already a deactivated card? Did they screw up or something?



Posted Image


Temps are nice now but I want the full clock...


I have 2 of these...


ST 4890

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Low power mode no doubt. Should jump to full speed once something actually uses the card. Grab GPU-Z,




and on the Sensor tab enable it to report the highest and lowest reading for the core clock, then run a game and see what it says.


agreed :tup:


when not using my card here is the defualt specs and low power mode when not being used ie games and such.


my stock clocks for my 9800GTX+ are 756/1836/1123


but when nothing using it its showing 301/602/1123


its normal dont worry about it :tup:

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yep going down to 240mhzs doing no 3d work is normal for these 4890s its suppost to do that to go in low powermode:)



at first i thought my card was reading wrong till i loaded a game or something 3d and it went up to normal clocks:)



nothing to worry about:)

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