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need a new heatsink for my phenom 940 quad

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i made a new thread sense this is for heatsinks.


but ya i builded another pc with a phenom 940 quad core am2 and the stock cooler isint cutting it for overclocking gets in the high 60c s... heck even at stock it gets in the uper 50c s


so i was looking at buying a new heatsink and i want one that cools really good that i could keep this phenom at 3.8ghzs stable and one that fits in my case with the side panel on with my 2 120mm fans.


oh and fits without removeing the top 220mm fan my case is the coolmaster haf 922.



i was looking at theses


this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835103046 which i have the 2 fan one on my socket 939 which cools that really nice @3ghzs 1.55vcore.



and this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835233029 which looks like it will do good.

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the second 1 is a good one the XIGMATEK.


i currently use the TRUE Black 120, with 2 120mm fans, its a little high but does a very good job, considerd one of the best




i have recommended it to everyone who wants a new cooler. i have not used anything but this and an Arctic Freezer 7, but the reviews made me get this and i have not been disapointed :tup:

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ok think im gona get the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ but it is better than the dark knight right?


i know it beats the price by alot:)



also will it fit in my coolmaster haf 922 with the side panel on with my 2x120mm fans?


and the top 200mm fan?


the case is wide and look like it will fit very big coolers even with the 120mm fans but kinda hard to say.


i know my xclio 380 with the side panel 250mm fan fits the coolmaster grimin duel fans heatsink with no problems and that case is not as wide as the haf 922.



but the top 200mm fan is hard to say if it will fit.

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just orderd the coolmaster 212 plus:) figure sense this cool master haf 922 cools everything nicey so the 212p should cool the cpu pretty good hopefully so i could get a stable 3.8ghzs out of this 940 it posts at 3.8ghzs but temps is around 68 to 70c... to hot and doeisnt seem stable.



i also orderd another 120mm fan so i could go duel fans on it and got some new thermal paste OCZ OCZTFRZTC Freeze Extreme Thermal paste herd good things about it:)


right now i have a very high cfm 80mm fan strap to the stock heatsink and with artic silver 5 under it and its staying out of the danger zone around 45 to 50 in games and streess testing with prime around 55 to 59c max



and have it at 3.4ghzs at 1.392vcore so far its stable at that.

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k got the cooler on fitted in my coolmaster haf 922 no problems even with the 2x120mm fans on and the 200mm fan on top..


and so far got it at 3.74ghzs @ 1.47vcore and max temps is cpu 50 to 51c all cores maxed out at 51 to 52c doing prime95 is this good temps?


oh and with no load it goes down to 35 to 36 on the cores and 34 for the cpu.


and im useing ocz freeze paste seems to be really good stuff


with the stock heatsink i was geting high 50s to 60s with stock vcore and 3.4ghzs and with no load it was allways in the 40s and thats also with a modded 80mm 90 something cfm fan strap on.


gona try for 3.8 or higher:)


with the stock heatsink 3.6 and 3.7 wasint stable at all but now it is.




edit ... got it at 3.8ghzs and my memory overclocked to 1145mhzs had to pump 2.3volt into the ram to get it stable tho... but herd the ram could take that.


so far its stable tho the temps did raise to 55c to 56c because had to put it at 1.52vcore but im sure the stock heatsink wouldve been like 70 or 80c if i tried it like that lol but couldint because matter what i did couldint get it stable with the stock heatsink.


i might pop the extra fan i got for the heatsink on it so i have 2 fans doing work:) should cool it down even more.


or might pop on my 2x SILVERSTONE 110cfms on:)

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kinda late now sense i have the coolmaster lol


it seems to be cooling well tho its usely 55 to 57max and that with 3.8ghzs @1.55vcore with the stock heatsink it proble wouldve been up in the 80s at these settings lol


because when i just went over 1.4vcore with the stock heatsink it would hit 65c to 70c @ ony 3.4ghzs with this heatsink at those settings 49 to 52c max thats with prime95 by the way with gaming it doesint even hit 50c mosty 42 to 45c with the stock heatsink i was gaming at 55c and up.....



now working on to get 3.8stable it plays every game and bench but when i leave prime95 runing it will either crash prime95 or bluescreen....

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