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What you are describing is consistent with your download file being renamed with the .efw extension by software on your computer. If you have the CA Firewall or Security Center installed, that is the source of the file renaming: http://www.fileinfo.net/extension/efw


Download another copy of Optimize from here using the 'save' option: http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp


Right-click the downloaded file and rename it to optimize3-setup.exe . If necessary, go to Start>Control Panel>Folder Options>View and remove the check mark from 'Hide extensions for known file types', then click 'apply' so you can see the actual file name.


Once the file is renamed back to an .exe, it should be executable again.


Alternatively, you can temporarily disable the inbound email protection that creates .efw extension. It is a feature of the CA Personal Firewall and should be configurable through the user interface. Open the CA Personal Firewall and on the left side click e-mail, then click on the "e-mail Attachments" tab. The sixth item listed will be 'Executable File'. Highlight that line and change the green check mark to a red circle with the white horizontal line. That will allow any .exe file to be downloaded without you having to rename it to get it to run.

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