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whats faster ddr2 or dd3.... or it depend

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u guys are a joke.... stop trying to make fun of everything i try to post.... its not doing any good



dude seriously just lighten up you got a joke along with answers.


as far as im concernd helping you is a waste of time, by the way would you like some cheese with that whine?


lots of people joke with others on here and i have seen you post those laughing smilies when its not on you. no one else seems to cry about it. i guess it it just takes a certain level of maturity to beable to handle a small joke.


i know i have a bad temper, but things like this is so stupid to get mad at, these kinds of things should be easy to just let go man. you ever heard that old saying to cowboy up? please do :tup:

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Calling people fools in the pit is not advisable. You cant just try and throw which is faster. Some of the higher end DDR2 kits are faster than some DDR3 kits. Eventually DDR3 will become the mainstream and become the faster memory. But for now the performance is not just there fully. From what I have seen, the DDR3 kits are expensive, and are not much faster than the DDR2 kits. Some processors require you to use DDR3. The Nehalem based processors. I mean I7 series.


I would advise you to rephrase your question and add some parameters as to which is faster. Synthetic benchmarks, real world performance, everyday applications etc. It's sometimes good to throw a broad question out there once in a while but this kinda question is a little too broad, hence why a lot of people are mocking and being sarcastic.


There are a lot of people here that are very knowledgable and are more than willing to give you advice as long as you don't try to insult them. Yes, a lot of us are foolish but we are no fools not by a long chance. Well, I am one but whose keeping track. :mrgreen:


Moving on, give it time and you will see some very good numbers with DDR2 and DDR3. For now the cost in my opinion doesn't justify the slight performance increase.

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and fools? yup that is me, totally 100% you got me soo good amd-rules i give you an A+ :clap:




i swear i will never answer in your posts with jokes again...i swear to you amd-rules, :shifty::rolleyes:

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i would just like to point out that you build your own computers..... at any hardware site, you'll be able to buy both styles of ram.


this in mind, they are sold by speed, ie ddr2 800 or ddr3 1333......


does this not answer the question before it's even asked.

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