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upgradeing to a 4870 from a 4850 on old pc.

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ok i was wondering if i would see any peformence increase go from a 4850 512mb to a 4870 1gb?


with my main pc dfi lanparty rdx200 crossfire opertron [email protected] 3ghzs 4gb ram


i know im gonna be a little bottlenecked which i am already but i just want to squeeze little more out of this system till i could save up a 1000 or even 1500 and build a really nice pc.


i was gonna put one together now for 500$ but i want one that has a decent path of upgrades in the future.



sure my pc is handling all the games out now pretty good but like to get like couple fps on gta iv and crysis and the other big ones which plays decent.


i know gta iv is pretty much for quads cores but if i could get at least 3 to 5 fps even on it that would be nice sense im getting around 20s avg now.


this is the card i was thinking of getting http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814161269.


and i herd you can crossfire the 4800 together like 4850 and 4870 which will cause a huge bottle neck on my cpu but should improve the performance some?


than when i do build another pc i could just pop theses cards right into the new system.


forgot to say i always play on 1920x1200 res with my 28in. so not sure if a bottleneck still is there or?

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i ordered it already so hopefully i see some improvement over my 4850 with this pc which i think i should i know not like i would with puting it in a new pc but should at least see couple fps hopefully lol


the other good thing to is when i build another pc i could just pop this card in:)

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i think you might see a little more FPS maybe 10-20 maybe not for sure


Reminds me of the performance increase when I went from an X2 4600 with my GTS 512 to a Phenom II 920. The bottleneck was removed and the GPU was able to stretch its legs a lot more. Good luck with your purchase. Edited by ShadowPredator
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i be happy with atleast 5fps more over what i have now for this system lol.


which right now it does play every game pretty good but just looking to squeeze little more out of it like in gtaiv i get around 20 to 25 avg with res up on 1920x1200 and everything on mem which is pretty playable but if i could get atleast 5more fps out of it that would be even better:)


and problee with the extra 512mb of video ram i should be able to turn the settings up cause right now it doesn't let me go any higher because the video ram gets maxed... lol


atleast till i build another pc in couple months which will be quad core than i could pop this card in that one and removed the bottleneck and get pretty nice fps hehe.

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got the card today and installed it everything went well:)


i tested gtaiv which pretty much ony gain maybe 1 to 2fps but i could now turn the setting up and it does play a bit better.


than i tried crysis warhead and first i kept it at mem to see and it was silky smooth so i tried gamer mode still silky smooth than i tried everything on max game settings and it was smooth some jerks but smooth:)


before i had to keep it on mem or gamer mode to get playable fps but now i could max it:)



ya i herd gtaiv needs a quad core to play 100%


tho im happy for now its playable even in the 20s.


i herd if you over 30fps you doing great with this game i was wishing i get at least 30avg but 20s is my avg and i think it goes to 40 sometimes so not bad:)



so far every game has a improvement that i tried even fallout 3 i could max that now with max anti think 8anti which i had to keep it off with my 4850.


and also every game i play is at 1920x1200 res:) dropping the res does int give me much more fps.


oh my cpu is a opteron 165 over clock @ 3ghzs which im pretty happy with it sense this system is like 3years and a half and still kicking :filtered: lol not as the new systems but its letting me play every game pretty decent and now better with the 4870


now gona save up for that quad setup hehe:)

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im more than happy with the 4870:)


and puting a 4890 in my system is kinda over kill lol


tho i be building another pc hopefully in couple months but im sure the 4870 will handle games for awhile:)


sense right now i could run 1920x1200 res on every game with decent fps which my cpu is holding the 4870 back heck even with my 4850 i ran 1920x1200 always but had to turn settings down in some games.

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