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badbinary, innocent untill proven guilty is how the system works, but if you have the money, you may get off the hook.... OJ?


i hear ya, but even with oj we just don't know. i believe fully in needing proof of something before said person can be crucified for it.


but i think the oj thing and the mj thing are different animals. it does appear that the parents were just looking for money. i agree with what was said earlier, as a father, i would want the punk sent to jail, i wouldn't take a payout if it was true.

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the two cases are different animals, but at the core, there may or may not have been a crime comitted, both were mega rich, and both were somehow inconclusive enough to determine a clear cut verdict. i don't think it's coincident, but innocent untill proven guilty doesn't always work in a greedy world.


as far as allowing my kid to star at a rock stars house, i think not, lol. and that doesn't have a thing to do about alegations into child rape or whatever. just wrong

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he was a great entertainer

he opened doors for many of the rappers

he was a victim of his own greatness

he was not found guilty

he was accquitted of the charges

the MJ haters should not posts such mean words

i found his music of good quality


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wth? Jacee this thing says it happened YESTERDAY! This is today's news. Is their clock set backwards or something?


I have no idea what you're wondering on about ...


I'd like to hear what the 'official' biopsy has to say. I doubt that they will reveal it.

My guess would be his doctor's (a hem) prescribed drugs that didn't play well together and caused the cardiac arrest.

Look what was done to his nose in the last plastic surgery to help him sing better .... for cry'n out loud! :lol: It's a 'goul' look!


I am not trying to defend whatever happened before his death. BTW ... The only song I liked was Billy Jean.

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peter sellers.


According to this particular Wikipedia article, he had suffered 13 consecutive heart attacks, which damaged his heart. He had a pacemaker installed, but knowing the shape and voracity of all of those attacks, and since he refused to get medical treatment and relied on "psychic healers" :pullhair: , he eventually keeled over on July 22, 1980.

Now around that time he was about to get heart surgery within that time frame.



In the case of Jim Fixx, he had a family medical history of heart attacks. Eventually he himself had an unhealthy lifestyle before he took up running, but unfortunately there weren't very many things around then to treat high cholesterol though.

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So MJ is dead, I have just witnessed an outpouring of grief on the London underground, did these people know him, ever meet him??

Get over it.


As for the law suits, I guess we'll never really know, but why settle these thing underhandedly out of court, if you were not guily, surely you would fight tooth and nail to cear your name??


Anyway had a £20 bet with a mate that he'd find someway out of playing the concerts at the o2 next month, and guess what I'm going to collect!!

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Based on his bad experiences he's faced on Earth, I believe he should be allowed in Heaven.


Although he can't take anything with him so I doubt he'll have all the plastic surgery stuff on his face...


Wait ... You think they can fix him back to be his more "natural" self? Do you think he'll be reincarnated?



I don't believe in reincarnation,....and I didn't believe it in my other life either!!


No one is questioning is music or his talent. He was a musical genius as to writing songs that sold megamillions of albums. But his morals are highly in question.


I don't think there are many children where he is going, it's much to hot for children...

I cannot understand this outpouring of grief though. Some fans are just over the top.

My niece called me late last night crying her eyes out because he died. I told her to get over it, she didn't know him or ever meet him, etc. I just don't get how it can upset some people so much..But that's just me.


They used to know it was bedtime at his ranch, when the big hand touched the little hand....

How will they know now... :P


If he did what he was accused of, even though he was not found guilty, he will start paying for it now.

If he does go to heaven, he'll most likely be in the waiting room for a looooong time, along with the Catholic Priests.


To much talk about him, and not enough about Farah and Ed.

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Gotta say I agree with Bruce for the first time in my life.

Just heard that Micheal Jackson didnt die from a heart attack at home , apparently he was found in the Childrens Ward having a stroke!




Flame on

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He's the product of his environment. He was mistreated and abused as a child. He gained fame at a young age, made enough money to lock himself into his own childhood world (hence never land). He probably surrounded himself with people who never told him to seek help for his psychological issues (yes men). I'm not defending his actions, but it is what it is.


He was a genius, iconic musician, but a screwed up individual.

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Michael Jackson was no musical genius. An example of musical genius's ......The Beatles,Mozart, Beethoven etc.

Michael Jackson was a pedophile and the world is better of without his likes.

He could dance well though.

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i'm with bruce on this one as he turned into a freak for publicity

i also hear he has requested to be melted down into leggo bricks so he can be played with rather than the other way round

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