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Summer Wars/Forum Wars '09

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Congrats guys, and congrats and GOOD WORK to I_G, Sho' and Gryph for winning the A class. Ya' know that really "frosts" Ray..... :rolleyes:



You know we actually didn't win it right, OCF took the A class too, then TRP.. Sho was tied up with family matters as he mentioned, his score had some defects, if not we surely would have taken it.. But not his fault, family's first man..


Same with browny, if he posted, we would have had the D class too, but no worries, he's not in a good shape right now...


Though I gotta say we still played well.. It was nice to see Sho and Gryph play, been a few wars for them.. Hopefully next year we have Flew, Browny (if he's feeling better), Dark also returned I guess, some others maybe.. Bigchrome if his rig is fine lol.. I hope Paul also plays for TRP next year..

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