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Infected By Gator

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Please help me.

I cannot seem to get rid of gator. every time i run spybot, it seems to find gator entries in the registry. I am very careful about what gets put on the 'puter. Why does it keep comming back is there a hidden place where it lurks ready to bite my 'puter in the :filtered:? i run spybot and adaware daily(thanks for the info about the update). why does this keep happening? any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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this is what it finds:

Gator:dll use (1 apps)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\Shareddlls\c:\windows\downloaded pro

Gator: Global settings


Gator: hidden identity


Gator: module usage setting


Gaotr: plug in log



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Guest kodiak_lmtd

I am a brand new member here & was just reading forum.......I was having the same problem with Gator......I had found many icons from Gator & have tried to delete them.....failed lol. Today i was serfing the net & found this site....and did the pc test & it found Gator of course, it told me to get rid of it & it took me to a site to download Win Patrol. Then I went back & deleted Gator & for some reason I was able to delete it this time. I don't know if this will help but its worth a try for you...it worked for me. :cheers: good luck & be safe

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yes i hate to say it i did but i thought that it was a way to monitor how the kids used the internet. each one of them sayss that they are not the ones going t all the innappropriate sites and i need t ofind out which one is doing it. (i have 5 kids)

as for system restore it doesn't work anymore i cannot get it turned on . i have tried most of the fixes and it does not seem to work.

nothing connected to gator ever shows up in the add remove

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I have managed to do it!

I needed to run msconfig (from Start>Run...) and deselect "Precision Time" from the list of automatic execution programs, or delete the "Precision Time" folder.

Gator.com is not there anymore!

Hope it helps.


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I recently had a similar problem with IGetNet. I would run Ad-Aware and remove it, and the next time I rebooted it would be back. Ad-Aware 5.83 was not removing some components because they were newer that the last reference file for it.


There was a file in my Windows\System folder that was running on each reboot. I killed that, and thought it was fine afterwards. But when I ran the Ad-Aware 6 the first time, sure enough it found more entries. I think it's finally gone now...


If you don't have the Plus version, and get an update, Ad-Aware's free version will be available this weekend I think.

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