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Results of Video & 3D Video

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Please could someone possibly help me out with the reporting of these results?


I was a little surprised to see my overall ratings had fallen so far. (Not totally surprised as I havent updated anything for a few months) But the main factor in the fall appears to be the Top 50% video result.


Video reports Top 50%

3D Video reports Top 7%


Presumably the first Video refers to 2D, and it would seem that the 2D video is exerting heavy influence on the overall results. Is this 2D totally relevant?


Anyway just curiosity. Certainly not a complaint !

I've updated the Tech Express link.

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Hi Andrew,


The newer Nvidia drivers don't have much in the way of 2D support. The cards are designed for 3D, and that's where they shine. 2D mostly encompasses desktop functions. If you are interested in seeing a higher number for the 2D score, you can turn off the eye candy and change the color depth to 16 bit. You will also get a much higher 2D score in Vista or Win 7 with the same card, settings, and driver.

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Thanks IG I'll blame Nvidia. Certainly cant turn off all the beauty spots - I actually like eye candy which is why the 4 gigs of memory. (Well 3 and a bit)


Re the other 2, tried Vista it was not compatible with me but havent tried Win 7 yet. Maybe I'll mellow in the New Year..

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