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my score, new to the forums, long time member of the site.


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That one is for the new build i am currently playing with, still a work in progress. new 800w psu , AMD Phenom X4 9850 Quad Core Processor Black Edition, and 2 evga gts 250 will be added here soon.




oh yea my 3d score is with 32 bit not 16 lol, i forgot to switch it. lol


and this one is my Asus laptop. pretty fast, and handles all games pretty well.and is fast all around.





been a member of the pcpit test for a long time,and have used it for all kinds of tests. and felt like it was time to post something lol. :clap:

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lol, the phenom thats in here isnt toooo bad.doesnt overclock well. i will get to play some with the oc'ing this weekend finally. i actually found a proc upgrade for the laptop that i am thinking of going with as well. a p9500 i think it is.

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