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Can't Upload Results

Guest lee

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I have successfully (apparently) run the PC test / scan 4 or 5 times, but have been unable to upload any of the results to PC Pit Stop. It appears that my system loses its internet connection midway thru the upload process, and eventually I get a “can’t find server” message.


This problem is probably related to the fact that I have been experiencing a similar problem with my Comcast cable internet system since the day it was installed two weeks ago, when I get the same “can’t find server” message anywhere between 1 and 20 minutes of initially opening IE (ver 6.0). I have been dealing with the Comcast customer service techs every day for two weeks and have gotten as many suggestions and solutions as techs I talked to, but the most recent ones are saying that the problem is in my computer. They are also saying that I am not losing connectivity per se, but that my computer loses the IP address for some reason. This is why I decided to try PC Pit Stop in the first place.


Can anyone suggest something I can try to at least upload the results to PC Pit Stop?

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Lee, it sounds like this is a general Internet connection problem so I'll move it to the Internet section where you'll probably get more help.


I have Comcast as well, and my experience is that if the cable light is not flashing (indicating a signal problem) then 90% of the time it is a problem with your computer configuration. Check for spyware and viruses, remove any HOSTS file you have in your Windows directory, and uninstall any unnecessary utilities or applications. Give our troubleshooting page a try as well, http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/trouble.asp .

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