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If all you want is for it to say DirectX 10 in dxdiag, then go right ahead and try it as that is about all it does. Also kind of hard to get DX 10 to work without DX 10 drivers.


Now waiting for the DirectX 11 hacks for XP to start showing up. :hammer:

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First BB most of the people posting in that second link are idiots, like this guy,


Its great to know this news, but not all games work out fine. For instance the games that worked fine are SWAT 4, America's Army, Operation Flash Point, Delta Force Black Hawk Down.


But the game that did not work but gave an error (not actual message): "Needs Direct 9c or higher. please install" is BattleField 2.


From WhereWolf's message, quoting here:

"And if I try to run Battlefield 2 in DX 10 I get a beep and a black screen. I have to use the KX DX Changer, and set it to "DirectX 9.0C only" to be able to play that game."


Questions is "KX DX Changer" ? How did he do it? Where did he get this option from? If you are referring to some software called "Kx" DirectX changer? Where is the link to this?


My system specs is a laptop with (I know, I know, its lousy) Intel 4500M graphics with total video ram of 1 GB. Core Duo processor running at 2.2 GHz, 4 GB Ram under Winxp (yeah I know, 32 bit has only 3 gb of ram access. Had vista 64 bit, which i did not like and down graded to xp)


Thank you for any solution how to get BF2 up and running.

None of the games he listed are DX 10 to begin with, and most of them won't run on Intel graphics at the bets of times. Not only is this clown trying to run non-DX 10 games, he doesn't even have a DX 10 video card.


As far as the original attempt at getting DX 10 on XP known as the Alky Scam (or Project if you prefer) this is how well it worked,




before the author slunk off into the sunset with whatever money he managed to scam out of people (and yes he was charging $50 a pop to join his Sapling program at the time).

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thanks for that information, stormy. that was an eye opener. i had gone through a few pages of google for dirt like that, but it was elusive to me, precisely the reason i posted this.



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Ah the Alky Project. I remember that over in OC forums. A lot of his work was in the alpha stages and was very shoddy. Got to give the guy credit for making an attempt at it but the driver model was truly not going to work. Really good article illustrating what happened. I never attempted to try and make this work on my pc but I always wondered how it played out. Somewhere on the net is the ability to download is source code and give it an attempt on your pc. Not advisable though.


Also, Brandon even though the Direct X10 SDK has a version for XP in there doesn't mean that Direct X10 is compatible on XP. Before Vista came out a lot of game developers were emulating Direct X10. Don't ask me how I just remember reading several articles that they were emulating the Direct X10 hardware on Direct X9 cards and whatnot. When the libraries came out for Direct X10 things started to take off. But unfortunately Direct X10 has been a case of almost. Almost took off, Almost worked. I am looking forward to Direct X11 and what capabilities it will have for Direct X10 hardware. It is going to be very interesting.

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