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What program do I use to open EDB file?

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Hi. I have a Compaq Presario, Intel Pentium D Processor 820, 4 gigs memory, 250 GB hard drive. Lately I can't download Windows Updates. It says I have to delete all files and folders in the Data Store folder so the downloads will download. When I try, a window says I need the right program to open the Data Store folder. I don't know which program to use. Internet sites say the have a free program to open EBD folders but I don't trust them. How can I find the right program to open the Data Store folder so I can get to the EBD files and delete them safely? Thanks for any help. (I'm not that computer literate.)

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Hi Nemesis_1. Sorry for thre long delay in answering. Problems arose. Anyway, I tried the link and I got the same situation. I had to choose between a bunch of different programs to oprn the DATA STORE file and whatever I tried didn't work. I've contacted MSN and they wanted the verion of software my computer has and the error code number I printed here. I should get a reply by tommorrow. I'll see what happens. Thanks for the help.

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6 hours ago, arthurjohnwilliam said:

If you want to convert your exchange edb 2010 file in to pst file. Try stella edb to ost converter software to convert your edb 2010 file in pst file. Stella edb to pst converter software support all the version of the exchange edb file. Stella 2010 edb file converter software convert all the email items, contacts items, notes items, task items, calendars items and user define folder and items in to pst file. Stella 2010 edb file converter software support 32 bit edb file and 64 bit edb file. For more information visit this link



I'm taking a punt that after 11 years this is fixed!! - Thanks for the Spam link, and you're banned.

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