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Some slient, glow-in-the-dark case mods

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I think there is something a bit wrong with the recommendations from that site Caintry.


I just put my hardware specs into it, and it said all I needed was a a 283 watt power supply. :thud:


AMD 6 core processor


2 sata hard drives.


1 DVD Burner


Nvidia Graphics PCI-E


16 GB of DDR3.


Front Bay card reader


I wouldn't let a 283 watt power supply within a mile of my computer :P


Minimum PSU Wattage:233 W Recommended

PSU Wattage: *Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


That system probably draws a lot less power than you think it does though Bruce.

But 283 is a bit low. I'd say about 350-400 mark sounds right, unless your video-card is super-high end.


It told me 690 watts for a massively OC'd i7, 6 sticks of DDR3, 6 HD's, CF 5850's, 1 BR drive, 1 DVD/CD RW combo, sound card, PCIe eSata, and various USB devices/fans. My system has a 1000watt.


The only way for us to really know is to use a tool like this.


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