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Windows vista very slow after reformat to factory state!

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Hi. Tonight I had to reformat my computer to factory state due to virus / Trojans. After I did this,

I removed all the junk and uninstalled the junk it comes with. After this, my pc is very slow at startup,

And freezes very badly.


Please help me. If you give me directions to do scans,

It may take a lil bit of time to put it on here if pc is

Still slow. Right now I am on my iPhone.

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What version of Vista? What virus's where on board? Did you run scans before this reformat? Did you use windows Vista disc to restore or your own recovery discs that Vista asks you to make if your pc did not come with a recovery disc? I ask these questions as they all are important as its possible you did not install some critical files if you made the disc's yourself an waited to long to make them.


I see in your signature it says Microsoft vista sp1, was that in your signature before this or did you add it after all this? I am just trying to be sure how you reformatted and how/when did you update to sp1 as it is important.


Also your never answered Jacee's help to you way back in January in our HJT forum before> http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?show...p;#entry1557813


So, now, what AV is on board your pc now? Did you fully update it an do full scans? If so what did they find? Did you update windows Vista after the reformat? Also, is there any chance the "junk files" your removed contained any critical windows files? HP can be very picky about removing all their junk, meaning I have seen some pc's that the HP junk was attached to some windows files.Also did you run a defrag utility after removing all the "Hp junk"?


Its very important that you made sure that no virus or any malware was on board your pc after this reformat before updating windows. So much of this depends on how your did this reformat as I asked above. Scanning for virus's after this an before updating Vista would be important if you used recovery discs you made yourself and also waited a long time to make them. ( that is important in a rare chance a virus got on board before you made your own recovery disc's )


Try this for starters> Please download and install SUPERAntiSpyware Home Edition (free edition)

  • Load SUPERAntiSpyware and click the Check for Updates button.
  • Once the update has finished, exit SUPERAntiSpyware. Please do NOT run a scan yet!
IMPORTANT: Do NOT open any other windows or programs while SUPERAntiSpyware is scanning, it may interfere with the scanning process.
  • Open SUPERAntiSpyware and click the Scan your Computer button.
  • Check Perform Complete Scan and then click Next.
  • SUPERAntiSpyware will now scan your computer and when it’s finished it will list all the infections it has found.
  • Make sure that they all have a check next to them, and then click Next.
  • Click Finish and you will be taken back to the main interface.
  • It could be possible that it will ask you to reboot your computer in order to delete some files after reboot.
  • I'll need a log afterwards of what has been found.
  • To get the log, click Preferences and then click the Statistics/Logs tab. Click the dated log and press View Log and a text file will appear.
  • Please post the results of the SUPERAntiSpyware log in your next reply.
Also run this> Download the latest version of Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
  • Close all other applications and double-click and run the installer.
  • When AVPTool starts, select all the scanable items except for CD-ROM drives.
  • After that click on Security level (1) then choose Customize (2) then click on the tab that says Heuristic Analyzer (3) then choose Enable deep rootkit search (4) and then choose OK.

    Posted Image

  • Then choose OK again to go back to the main screen and click the Scan button.
  • If malware is detected, place a checkmark in the Apply to all box, and click the Delete button (or Disinfect if the button is active).
  • After the scan finishes, if any threat remains in the Scan window (Red exclamation point), click the Neutralize all button
  • In the window that opens, place a checkmark in the Apply to all box, and click the Delete button (or Disinfect if the button is active).
  • If advised that a special disinfection procedure is required which demands system reboot: click the Ok button to close the window.
  • In the Scan window click the Reports button and select Save to file.
  • Name the report AVPT.txt, and save it to the Desktop.
  • Close AVPTool.
  • You will be prompted if you want to uninstall the program; click Yes.
  • You will then be prompted that to complete the uninstallation, the computer must be restarted. Select Yes to restart the system.
  • Copy and paste the first part of the report (Detected) that you saved in your next reply. Do not include the longer list marked Events.
So, try an answer all the above questions, an do the 2 scans above an post the logs as advised. Also tell us how the pc is doing after the scans, an try an use the AV you have as well an do a full scan with it and post it's log as well :)



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Hi. I have always been on windows vista sp1. I reformated by pressing f11 system recovery. I reformated again with my dads help. I removed some stuff, I am installing the updates, and then I am going to restart pc. If it is slow like it was last night I will follow your instructions.


EDIT: PC runs perfect now. Thanks Wademan for quick responses, the second reformat seemed to help. Everything runs quickly now.


What firewall should I use? Zonealarm or Windows Vista Firewall?

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I figured your own reformat was done incorrectly, that is why I asked so many questions regarding that.


As for firewalls, Jacee offered you help back in January, I ask again, why didn't you at least reply to her? Not replying to a TrustedAdvisor is very rude, as they use their very valuable free time, especially Jacee. I see now you did reply to her, thank you so much for doing so :-)


If Zone Alarm is causing problems use Vista's firewall, even though it's not much good, it is way better than nothing.


Perhaps try one of these> http://www.pctools.com/firewall/ > http://www.jetico.com/jpf.htm :)



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